Synonyms and related words:
accept, acquire, admit, advocate, affix, anchor, anchored, annex, arm, armor, arouse, arrogant, arrogate, ascertained, assume, assumed, assure, assured, attach, attest, attested, back, bag, balanced, bang, bar, barricade, batten, batten down, be seized of, be sponsor for, belay, believing, bind, bless, bolt, bond, bonded, bridle, bring, bring back, bring forth, bring out, bring to light, bulwark, button, button up, calculable, call a strike, call for, call forth, call it quits, call out, call up, capture, catch, cement, cemented, certain, certified, certify, chain, champion, chase after, choke, choke off, cinch, clamp, clap, clinch, cloak, close, close down, close shop, close up, closed, cocksure, collar, come by, come in for, come into, compass about, confident, confirm, constrict, contain, contract, convinced, cool, copyright, corral, cosy, countersecure, cover, cramp, cushion, decided, deduce, defend, definite, dependable, derive, derive from, determinate, determined, devout, dogmatic, doubtless, drag down, drag out, draw, draw forth, draw from, draw out, earn, easy, educe, elicit, enchain, endorse, engraft, ensure, ensured, enter into possession, entrammel, established, evident, evoke, faithful, faithworthy, fast, fasten, fasten down, fastened, fence, fend, fetch, fetch and carry, fetter, fideistic, fiducial, firm, firm as Gibraltar, fix, fixed, flank, fold, fold up, gain, get, get from, get hold of, get out of, glued, go after, go and get, go fetch, go for, go get, go on strike, go to get, good, graft, grapple, guarantee, guaranteed, guaranty, guard, guard against, gyve, hamper, handcuff, harbor, harvest, have, have coming in, haven, healthy, hobble, hog-tie, hopple, hubristic, hypothecate, immovable, immune, immunized, imperturbable, impressed with, in equilibrium, in the bag, induce, inevitable, insure, insured, intact, invincible, jammed, keep, keep from harm, key, knit, knock off, lash, latch, lay off, leash, lock, lock out, lock up, locked up, made sure, make, make fast, make safe, make secure, make sure, manacle, moor, moored, nail, nailed down, nestle, net, obtain, obvious, occlude, on ice, open-and-shut, overconfident, oversure, overweening, padlock, patent, peg down, persuaded, pick up, picket, pietistic, pin down, pinion, pious, pistic, plumb, poised, police, pompous, positive, predictable, prehend, preserve, probable, procure, produce, profitable, protect, protected, proud, proved, pull down, put in irons, put to, reap, reassured, receive, register, reliable, restrain, retrieve, ride shotgun for, rivet, rope, rouse, run after, sack, safe, safe and sound, safeguard, sanguine, satisfied, score, screen, screw up, seal, seal off, seal up, self, self-assured, self-confident, self-important, self-reliant, set, set to, settled, shackle, shag, shelter, sheltered, shield, shielded, shroud, shut, shut down, shut the door, shut up, shut up shop, sign, sign for, slam, snap, snug, sold on, solid, sound, sponsor, squeeze shut, stable, stand behind, stand up for, stated, staunch, steadfast, steady, stimulate, straitjacket, strangle, strap, strike, strong, stuck, sturdy, subscribe to, substantial, summon forth, summon up, sure, surefire, take, take in, take on, take over, take possession of, taped, tested, tether, tie, tie down, tie up, tight, tighten, trammel, trice up, tried, trim, trustworthy, trusty, unafraid, undamaged, under the impression, undersign, underwrite, undoubtful, undoubting, unexposed, unfailing, unfaltering, unflappable, unflinching, unharmed, unhesitating, unhurt, unquestionable, unscathed, unshakable, unthreatened, untouched, unwavering, walk out, wangle, wangle out of, warrant, warranted, wedged, well-balanced, well-founded, well-grounded, win, winkle out, without nerves, worm out, worm out of, zip up, zipper

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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  • secure — [si kyoor′] adj. [L securus < se , free from, apart (see SECEDE) + cura, care: see CURE] 1. free from fear, care, doubt, or anxiety; not worried, troubled, or apprehensive 2. free from danger; not exposed to damage, attack, etc.; safe 3. in… …   English World dictionary

  • Secure — Se*cure , v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Secured}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Securing}.] 1. To make safe; to relieve from apprehensions of, or exposure to, danger; to guard; to protect. [1913 Webster] I spread a cloud before the victor s sight, Sustained the… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • secure — [adj1] safe defended, guarded, immune, impregnable, out of harm’s way, protected, riskless, sheltered, shielded, unassailable, undamaged, unharmed; concept 587 Ant. endangered, insecure, unprotected, unsafe secure [adj2] fastened, stable adjusted …   New thesaurus

  • Secure — Se*cure , a. [L. securus; pref. se without + cura care. See {Cure} care, and cf. {Sure}, a.] 1. Free from fear, care, or anxiety; easy in mind; not feeling suspicion or distrust; confident. [1913 Webster] But thou, secure of soul, unbent with… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • secure — ▪ I. secure se‧cure 1 [sɪˈkjʊə ǁ ˈkjʊr] verb [transitive] 1. to get something you need after a lot of effort: • The airline has secured financing of $150 million from private sponsors. 2. FINANCE to promise a lender that they can take certain… …   Financial and business terms

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